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5 YEARS AHEAD OF THE CURVE drone video & photography. We were flying and creating aerial stories throughout Charlotte, Lake Norman & Wylie + the Southeast well before the "drone" buzz started making news so being copied is flatering. But you need someone who has streamlined the process, learned awesome techniques and don't care to pay others to learn, we are professionals ready to take on your project. NO TOYS ALLOWED. We have made significant investments in the best multi-rotors and camera systems for every possible need you have. Combine our experience with our equipment and we can accomplish anything in the sky and on the ground. CREATIVE MARKETING PROS. It's one thing to fly a drone and take video. We visualize a story and tap into more than 20 years of multimedia marketing experience to further separate our professional results from amateur video. NOT EXPENSIVE. When you look at our portfolio you might think we are expensive. Actually because of our experience and capability we can assure your project will run smoothly from start to finish. This results in lower cost to you. A FINAL NOTE. The drone industry is like the wild west right now - It's so important to ensure that you are working with professionals to keep yourself from liabilities and damages. We are registered pilots authorized under FAA section 333 + NCDOT authorized to manage, fly and produce your project. We are also insured and bonded. Please call us to discuss your project needs it will save you from the packages - 704-389-0180. [ click here ] for our basic pricing/packaging options. MAJOR NEWS! We are now combining our award winning aerial services with incredible interior 3D spaces powered by MatterPort. Check it out below. Finally we have introduced 360 immersive video to Charlotte & the Southeast - get in touch to get on board! Oh, by the way - we just launched our 360 video service both on the ground and in the air. Check back for updates.

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A WestWaterDigital Brand

WestWaterDigital is a small studio with big capabilities in the Lake Norman area for 20 years. We are pioneers in multimedia productions and immersive experiences. We created the AeroMediaPro brand to help our real estate and resort clients tell their story from the air and it has become a huge part of our business. Scroll down to our services below and get in contact with us to book your project.

On Location

We can shoot anywhere you need us to. We use high tech GPS enabled "camera ships" and incredibly smooth stedi-cams on the ground. Whether a luxury home or a large commercial development, we are unobtrusive, quiet and experienced pilots who can get the highest quality aerial perspective with the least amount of disruption or attention. When it comes to technical flights, we can literally pinpoint your needs with gps waypoints and give you a beautiful result from the best altitude. We capture your footage in HD using the best format for the project and finally, you will be amazed at how affordable this awesome media is.

In the Studio

Depending on the objectives of your project, you may just need the raw footage or a full-fledged production. Our post production capabilities are impressive. We'll add narration, composite and motion graphics, soundtracks, even 3D objects to simulate the future. We take time up front to establish your clear goals and expectations to ensure your project is delivered on-time, on-target and on-budget.


Our vast digital media experience allows us to tailor your final product to wherever and whenever you need it. We'll optimize your video to play perfectly on your website, stream from anywhere on the internet or even insert into your company PowerPoint. We pride ourselves in timely delivery of your video, but we cannot control the weather. Please get in touch with us early so we can book your flight and still have some time in case mother nature has other ideas for your shoot.

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  • You wanna fly, you got to give up the crap that weighs you down.

    — Toni Morrison, Song of Solomon —
  • Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.

    — Leonardo da Vinci —
  • Flying is the second greatest thrill known to man... Landing is the first

    — unknown —
  • I make you laugh and you make me cry... I believe it's time for me to fly

    — REO Speedwagon —
  • Simply the Best and Most Professional Creative Charlotte Drone Company

    — Client —


We're glad you looked to professionals for your project and are ready to help you with your charlotte drone aerial needs. We are currently booking for the 2016 Southeast end of summer & fall - if you want your shoot to take place with full foliage, please get in contact with us soon to reserve a spot in our schedule. Do not hesitate to call [704-389-0180] or click to discuss you project further. Thanks for visiting.